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Your tax and accounting needs are critical to your success and financial position.  Nadine recognizes the importance of this and she is dedicated to bringing your tax and accounting puzzle pieces together.  You can always rely on her to provide you with a solution and to always answer your questions. Read about the vast tax and accounting services she offers.

 Accounting Services

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Meaningful, Reliable and Timely Financial Reporting 
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Analysis and Recommendation of Accounting Systems Specific to Your Business Needs

Tax Expertise 

Experienced Tax Professional

  • Tax Returns and Other Tax Filings Preparation
  • Tax Planning for Corporations and Individuals
  • CRA Appeals and Representation
  • Clients include Corporations, Individuals, Trust, Partnerships, Non-Profit Organizations, & Charities

Nadine has extensive experience in tax and accounting for Corporations, Individuals and Trusts.  Her vast experience will allow her to provide you with exceptional service that you can always rely on.  She is committed to the success of her clients and she is very driven to achieve this goal.

Nadine Filo

There are constant changes to our tax laws, business practices and financial environment. Nadine Filo keeps abreast of all new developments, and she would like to bring some key issues to your attention.  Check out the News & Insights page for articles and updates that may interest you.

Chartered Accountant

Greater toronto area, ontario

Any Questions?    
416 - 540 - 3838

Tax & Accounting Services